Body of S. L. Griffith Has Arrived in Danby from California

Burlington Daily Free Press
Body of S. L. Griffith Has Arrived in Danby from California.
(Special to the Free Press.)

Danby, Aug. 2.-The body of the Hon. S. L. Griffith lies in his late residence here awaiting the public funeral which will be held at the Congregational Church on Tuesday afternoon at two o’clock. The body arrived here Friday evening, accompanied by Mrs. Griffith and W. H. Griffith, a nephew, The party was met at the station by the immediate family and a few friends. The pall bearers to accompany the body to the residence were Samuel Mason, James Porter, James Fullum, Edwin L. Staples, Harry Ralph, E. Mercure, Sr., William Winship and Barney Decker. All of these men had been in the employ of Mr. Griffith for a term of from 20 to 25 years.

The funeral services on Tuesday will be in charge of John B. Stearns of Rutland and will be carried out according to the expressed wishes of Mr. Griffith shortly before his death. The officiating clergymen will be the Rev. Dr. S. N. Jackson of Burlington, his son, the Rev. William P. Jackson of Dummerston (both of whom were companions of Mr. Griffith on his trip to the Holy Land) and the Rev. George W. Phillips of Rutland. E. H. Miller of Dummerston, a friend of Mr. Griffith, will sing “Fear Not,” by Asa Smith, and Miss Minnie E. Bushee of this place will sing “The Holy City,” by Adams. J. Harry Engles of Rutland will be the accompanist.

The eight men named above will be active bearers and the 14 aged men of this town, whose average age is about 74 years, that Mr. Griffith entertained annually at his summer cottage at Lake Griffith, and always called “The boys,” will act as honorary bearers.