Danby Cemeteries

There are thirteen old cemeteries in Danby, many of which are the final resting places of Revolutionary War and Civil War veterans. The town of Danby budgets a small amount of money, as required by state statute, each year toward the upkeep of these burial grounds and some of the other maintenance work such as mowing, is paid for with the meager interest from trust funds which were established for this purpose over the years.  However these funds do not begin to cover all of the work that is necessary to adequately maintain these historic burial grounds. 

To help with this the Society has established a Cemetery Fund to which interested parties may make a tax deductible contribution.  Interested parties should send their donation to the Society at P. O. Box 238, Danby, VT 05739.  A receipt for tax purposes will be issued upon receipt.

The Danby Cemetery Association was organized and chartered by the State Legislature in 1865.  This cemetery is often referred to as The Scottsville Cemetery.  It is located at the intersection of Route 7 and Scottsville Road.  The property was once part of the Joseph Bull farm.  It is the resting place of Silas L. Griffith, Vermont’s first millionaire, civil war veterans, and a number of other prominent and interesting people.   This cemetery is governed by a board of five trustees and plots are available for purchase.  For more information on this cemetery contact Tonya Powers, President at (802) 293-5733.

For a copy of the Guide to Danby Cemeteries listing interments please visit this link.

Early Danby Cemetery Cards