Nichol’s Store

This store was made up of three buildings. One part, the center, is believed to once be a blacksmith shop.

Later the front part and the back part were added. Charlie Coup was supposed to have owned it about 1905 until 1910. When we changed it over to self-service in 1958, some of the wood in the counters had his name and dated of 1910. Bill couldn’t recall the month and day, but it was written on the lumber. Later Ernest Sloan, called Todd Sloan, ran the store for awhile. Then Ellis and Willie Millard bought the store and ran it until they died in the flu epidemic in 1918.

Nelson C. and Florence D. Nichols bought it from the Millard Estate. The Nichols family moved up from the south end in Mt.Tabor in December of 1919. They ran the store until Nelson’s death in July of 1947. Then Florence and son, William D. Nichols ran it until her death in January of 1951. Then William D. and Mary B. Nichols ran it until October 15, 1974.

When we moved in December, 1919, the back part on the ground floor was a woodshed with no floor. The center room was used for storage. The front part was the store. We later opened through and made the center part into the store also, and fixed up the shed part with a floor and shelves for a store room.

In March, 1935, W.D. Nichols was elected Town Clerk and treasurer for the Town of Danby. This office was located in the middle part of the store. In March, 1958, W.D. Nichols gave up the Town Clerk and Treasurer office. W. D. and Mary B. Nichols ran the store until the Corley/s bought it.

By: Wm. Nichols, 1976