“Two Chums”



One of Them too Young to Sketch Extensively, the Other a Thoroughbred Canine Pug.

The young man who appears in our portrait this week is the most youthful of any of our subjects thus far. He is Master Walter D. Graves, the eight-year-old son of Arthur E. and Molly (Decker) Graves of Florence, Mass., and is well known to the people of this village from the fact that he has spent the larger part of several summers at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Barnabas Decker.

Walter is a bright and sprightly young lad, as will readily be discerned by our picture, which was caught by the camera of the MIRROR artist when the young man was attired in his outing costume. Walter’s career has been too brief to supply much material for a sketch at this time, but a couple of decades hence we expect to be able to again print his portrait in the MIRROR (if we and the paper are still in existence)  and record quite a string of achievements that have been placed to lN credit in the intervening time.

Walter’s canine friend, who poses so dignifiedly at his left is a thoroughbred Japanese pug from the Montreal Kennels. His name is Tuxedo, but is familiarly called “Tuck.” He is a highbred pug, his mother being Wistaria and his father Onioto, both well-known bench winners. “Tuck” is the property of Mr. J. M. Ferris, traveling passenger agent of the Rutland Railroad, but, like Walter, has spent the summer in Danby. Both of them arrived in town June 22, and were fast friends till “Tuck’s” return to his Canadian home on Saturday of last week. Walter started for his home this morning, but we hope to have these two “chums” back with us when the summer vacation comes again.