Griffith Republican Nominee

The Brandon Union

On another page of this issue we print a communication from our Mt. Tabor correspondent regarding the late election in his town. S. L. Griffith, the big lumber merchant of Mt. Tabor, was a regular nominee for senatorial honors on the Republican ticket. Mr. Griffith is a staunch Republican and is therefore an open mark for all Democratic newspapers. He has the reputation of being a very wealthy man and is therefore, of course, an open mark for all men with Anarchist convictions. The week before election the Poultney Journal donated its editorial column to Mr. Griffith and appealed to the Republican voters throughout the county to scratch his name, claiming that two-thirds of the Republican voters of his own town desired his defeat. The vote in Mr. Griffith’s town did not bear out this statement. He received the support of the Republican party in his own town, in the county and in Poultney, notwithstanding the appeal of the Journal.