Old Folks Celebrate

August 25, 1911
The Troy Record

Aged Men and Women of Danby Take Part in One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration

In spite of the large number of prosperous men and women who have returned Danby during the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of that little Vermont town this week, it is apparent that all have not gone away to seek their fortunes. The marble quarries, box and wooden spoon factories testify to present day activity, while the success of the celebration indicates a vitality which presages well for the future. The old folks’ convention yesterday proved a success, practically every man and woman in the town, or among the visitors who was willing to be considered old, being on hand. Today the beautiful bronzed fountain which the Village Improvement society has presented the town, will be unveiled, Congressman Foster of the First district and Father Lynch of Pittsford being the orators of the day. The fountain is the gift of the village society, but Mrs. S. L. Griffith, widow of the town’s greatest benefactor, and herself a constant contributor to its welfare, presented, the first $250 which made it possible. In the evening a giant corn roast is planned, with a campfire or Titanic proportions.