S. L. Griffith Healthy Recovery

Southern Vermont Mirror.
FRIDAY, JULY 4, 1902

Mr. S. L. Griffith was able to take his first carriage ride since his illness on Wednesday. It is needless to say that everybody was glad to see him out of doors again, although the Doctor forbade him holding conversation with anybody. It is expected that his recovery will be rapid from this time on. Mr. E. A. Lee, a professional nurse of Rutland, has been in constant attendance, and Mr. Griffith is free to say that his recovery is largely due to that gentleman’s careful and expert attendance. If Mr. Griffith’s improvement continues as it has in the past few days, it is expected that he will leave Monday for Rutland, Burlington and Groton, Vt., accompanied by Mr. Lee. At the latter place Mr. Griffith has a saw mill and large lumber interests.