20 Librarians Present: Guests of S. L. Griffith Library of Danby—Interesting Papers

The Rutland Herald
Guests of S. L. Griffith Library of Danby—Interesting Papers.

About 20 visiting librarians met yesterday afternoon at Danby and Miss Lucy D. Cheney of this city, in charge of the Rutland Free library, attended the sessions which were held in the Congregational church, the visitors being guests of the S. L. Griffith library of Danby. This is the first in the series of Rutland County librarian’s meetings. The object is to bring the librarians together, and to interest all in this particular branch of work, especially those in charge of the smaller libraries.

A dinner was served at noon, the spread being furnished by the trustees of the Griffith library, and served by the Ladies’ Aid society of the Congregational church. At this time there were five minute talks on some non-fiction books by Mrs. Ida J. S. Kingsley of Brandon, Mrs. E. H. Hitchcock of West Haven, Miss Mary T. Randall of Pittsford and Mrs. J. A. Cadwell of Florence.

The principal session opened at 2 o’clock with an address by Rev. R. W. Magoun of Fair Haven on “Reading for Boys.” He expressed his belief that the young men of today should read more standard works and less modern fiction. He believes that Dickens, Carlyle, Elliot and others of similar standing should be cultivated rather than light novels of today which are read mainly for amusement.

This was followed by an interesting paper, “The Library in Cooperation With Other Interests of the Community,” by Miss Mary K. Norton of Proctor. Leon E. Bell of Wallingford read an article on “The Library and School.” There were informal discussions following each address. Supper was served the visitors before their return home in the evening.