Groom is 66, Bride 65

J.. Raiche of Danby Goes to Manchester, N. H., For Bride.
(Special to The Herald.)

Danby, May 18.—Adolph J. Raiche of this town, 66 years old, and Mrs. Harriet Des Viens of Manchester, N. H., 65, were married Monday at the latter city by Rev. L. J. A. Doucet. A reception was given for them at Manchester Tuesday evening, 40 relatives being present. They arrived yesterday in this town where Mr. Raiche is employed, a reception being planned for them here.

Both have been married before and each has four children living, all of Mr. Raiche’s being married, while all but one of Mrs. Raiche’s are married. Mrs. Raiche’s first husband was killed about 30 years ago. The first Mrs. Raiche died about five years ago.